[LAA] JACK Network Manager 0.2.3

Mike Cookson cook60020tmp at mail.ru
Sat Jul 24 07:30:09 UTC 2010

JACK NetSource GUI is renamed to JACK Network Manager (jack-netmanager-gtk), since jack_netsource is only a command line front-end for jack netmanager module.

- Name changed from jack-netsource-gui to jack-netmanager-gtk (humany name - JACK Network Manager), since jack_netsource is just a wrapper, controlling jack "netmanager" module.
- Presets support, deprecating creation of script with tray support, due to ability to reuse ordinary scripts by JACK Network Manager itself. During of preset saving name is requested and approriate script is stored in presets directory.
- Ability to start sources at LADISH rooms.
- ladish_launch is deprecated. ladish_control snewapp and rnewapp commands used instead.
- Improved desktop launcher
- New system tray icons; added application icon, unwantedly removed from 0.2.2
- Fixed help text
- Options for jack_netsource from various jack versions are stored in separated file now
- Internationalization of bash scripts through gettext
- Build system improvements: all text files are configured - e.g., instalation prefix now is working. Configured files are stored into separate build directory, which is autonomous and can be distributed. Also, uninstalation is available.
- Internationalization improvements: added update-locales script, which updates template with translations at once, and localization of bash scripts through gettext.

Note for distribution maintainers: if you place menu items for special audio software into extra submenus inside standart Audio menu, it would be nice to have JACK Network Manager item in one place with QJackNet (at least) and QJackCtl.

And create dummy jack-netsource-gui package for smooth upgrade.

Page at GTK-Apps: http://gtk-apps.org/content/show.php/JACK+Network+Manager?content=122327
Latest screenshot is third.

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