[LAA] New FLOSS GNU/Linux based recording studio

Giorgio - Audiophilo anomalsound at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 13:03:21 EST 2010

Hi all, Just wanted to share our new venture, a FLOSS GNU/Linux based studio
established in Milan, Italy

One control room with two DAWs for Recording/Mix/Master and
Preproduction/electronic music
Two recording areas

Recording/Mix/Master DAW:

Desk: Tascam DM-3200
Monitors: Yamaha HS80M
Preamps: Focusrite Twin Track Pro Platinum, Mindprint En-Voice, SM Pro Audio
Outboard: T.C. Electronic M350
PC: Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 2.40GHz
Audio interface: RME Multiface II
OS: Ubuntustudio 9.10 (Linux)
Audio tools: Jack, Ardour, Rosegarden, Jamin
Plugins: LADSPA, LV2, Invada, Calf

Preproduction/electronic music DAW:

Monitors: Seiwin ST-5a
Preamps: SM Pro Audio TC02
Controllers: Korg Nano Kontrol, Behringer U-Control
PC: Inter Core2 Quad CPU Q8300 2.50 GHz
Audio Interface: M-Audio Delta 1010
OS: Ubuntustudio 9.10 (Linux)
Audio tools: Hydrogen, Muse, Rosegarden, Jamin, ZynAddSub, Bristol, Nekobee

www.kubistudio.it (only in italian for now)

Giorgio Baù
Sound engineer

giorgio at kubistudio.it
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