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Sun Mar 14 19:39:47 EDT 2010

Hello all,

Some updates are available on 

1. libclalsadrv-2.0.0

This the the Alsa interface library used by Aeolus, Jaaa,
Japa and AMS. 

The new release allows to specify separate Alsa device 
names for playback, capture and control, i.e. it allows
the use of 'split' devices that may result from e.g.
combining several soundcards into one device.
The old API is still available but will be removed in
future releases.
Note that 2.0.0 is *not* binary compatible with the
previous release (hence the major version increment),
and may require a recompile of the apps using it.

There are two example programs in the 'apps' directory.
* alsa-loopback: just copies stereo input to output.
* alsa-latency: latency measurement, same algorithm
  as used in jack_delay.

2. jaaa-0.6.0 and japa-0.6.0

* General cleanup, now compile without warnings using
* When using Jack, a new option (-s) allows to specify
  the Jack server to use.
* Require libclalsadrv-2.0.0.
* When using Alsa, two new options (-P, -C, used instead
  of -d) allow to specify a split Alsa device. 
* Added $(DESTDIR) to the Makefiles.

3. Aeolus-0.8.4

* Same changes as for Jaaa and Japa (except for -C, -P).
* Five new temperaments added, provided by Hanno
  Hoffstadt and Adam Sampson.

Note to AMS users: if you have a binary install of AMS
make sure not to remove the current libclalsadrv. If you
have a source install, update libclalsadrv and recompile



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