[LAA] [ANN] MusE 1.1

Robert Jonsson spamatica at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 21:02:56 UTC 2010

Friends, MusE 1.1 is here!

MusE is a combined midi and audio sequencer which tries
to cover most bases for the linux computer studio.
MusE is one of the oldest sequencers on the Linux audio scene and is
today a very stable open source solution for everyday music making.

This release adds some new features, lots of bugfixes and a bunch
of usability improvements.

   MusE : http://muse-sequencer.org

* Jack midi support.
* Allow native VST guis for plugins
* Audio and midi routing popup menus now stay open, for making rapid
* MusE now has two mixers, with selectable track type display.
* External midi sync fixes and improvements, should be very stable
* Some pianoroll improvements
* Some crash fixes
* Drum editor fixes
* Various arranger fixes and improvements
* Various improvements for plugin guis
* Routing fixes
* Stability fixes for plugins
* Various DSSI fixes
* Rec enabled track moves with selection when only one track is rec enabled
* Jack midi, routing system, multichannel synth ins/outs, midi strips
and trackinfo pane.
* Dummy audio driver: Added global settings for sample rate and period size.
* Arranger track list: Quick 'right-click' or 'ctrl-click' or
'ctrl-mouse-wheel' toggling of Track On/Off.
* Allow changing timebase master
* Option to split imported midi tracks into multiple parts.
* Several new keyboard shortcuts for various operations, see shortcut editor
* Several colour tweaks and other cosmetic changes
* Various stability fixes
* Countless fixes and tweaks, about a 300 lines in the Changelog,
 check it for a complete list of blood sweat and tears

[What is MusE again?]
MusE is multitrack virtual studio with support for:
* Midi
 * jack midi
 * internal softsynths, including soundfont player FluidSynth
  and sample player Simple Drums
 * DSSI softsynths, including VST instruments
  * with a patch to DSSI, VST-chunks are handled
 * Drum editor
 * Pianoroll
 * Conventional arranger
 * midi automation
 * and lots more
* Audio
 * Jack
 * Jack transport
 * LADSPA plugins
 * VST plugins through dssi-vst
 * audio automation, old sch00l
 * and lots more


For a complete list of changes, check the ChangeLog in
the package or online at the sourceforge site:


Keep on rocking!
The MusE team

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