[LAA] [QJACKRCD] release 1.0.4

Olivier ROUITS olivier.rouits at free.fr
Sat Dec 31 00:06:46 UTC 2011


QJackRcd first stable release published.

Olivier Rouits.

1.0.4 (stable)
- Czech translation from "Pavel Fric"
- Doxygen documentation (docs subdir)
- Refactor qmake project file for build, subdir with intermediate build
- Refactor dist (publish) with only one tar.gz file with sources and
last build and doc files
- Integration of SVN tags in Doxygen doc.

1.0.3 (testing)
- FIX: translations in /usr/share/qjackrcd/locale directory by default
- Desktop file from "speps"
- Italian translation from "speps"
- add make install goal from qmake project file

1.0.2 (testing)
- FIX: on_timer slot warning message
- Auto connection to registered new jack ports (if no connections) to
make recording ready to use when a jack player is launched
- Minimal documentation and code comments

1.0.1 (testing)
- FIX: IO file write outside RT jack call (Recorder thread + ringbuffer
+ mutex)
- FIX: Bad overlaped signal after several seconds due to ringbuffer full
on eeepc when fs sync, fix ringbuffer test.
- FR / EN translation activation
- Persist configuration in QT standard application settings
- Automatic jackd launch if not actived
- Jack shutdown listening (exit)
- Suppress pprocessor and integrate it into recorder class

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