[LAA] QMidiarp 0.3.9 released

Frank Kober goemusic at yahoo.fr
Wed Jan 5 19:32:27 UTC 2011

With season's greetings and the unexpected honor to be the first this year:

QMidiArp is finally reborn !

Although yet in another alpha state this arpeggiator, sequencer and MIDI LFO has grown quite a bit in functionality and, hopefully, usability.

Special thanks for his explanations and initial support go to Guido Scholz.

ENJOY and best wishes for 2011


QMidiArp is available for download at 


and it now has an own sourceforge project page at


and git repo


(developers welcome)

Tutorial videos are available on youtube, just search for qmidiarp.

New Features
  o Arpeggio pattern preset infrastructure
  o Synchronized MIDI LFO modules added
    LFOs have calculated and drawable waveforms, selectable frequency, 
    amplitude, offset, time resolution and length
  o Synchronized step sequencer modules added
    Step sequencer can be transposed and velocity-modulated by received
    notes, sequence can be drawn on the fly
  o Pianoroll-type display of arp patterns and cursor line
  o Envelope function for chord arpeggios with high polyphony
  o Latch mode or Footswitch for holding notes in arpeggio buffer
  o Keyboard-triggered or -restarted arpeggiator mode
  o Input note delay strongly reduced making QMidiArp suitable for live
  o MIDI-learnable control of many live-relevant functions
  o MIDI realtime clock slave synchronization
  o JACK transport client synchronization
  o Event log entries are color-coded, optional MIDI Clock event display
  o Re-designed graphical user interface:  all modules and dialogs
    are dockable floatable windows, main and file icon toolbars added
  o New .qmidiarprc file containing GUI settings, user arp patterns and 
    last file path
  o Save and SaveAs functions with modification monitoring
  o All relevant session parameters stored in new .qmax XML session file
  o Manual pages in English, French and German
  o Handler for SIGINT added to handle unsaved or changed files more
    carefully at program termination.
  o Handler for SIGUSR1 added to provide support for LADISH level 1.
  o Separate threads for ALSA Sequencer Queue handler and arpeggio engine

General Changes
  o Port form Qt3 to Qt4 library.
  o MIDI Channels and ALSA port id's displayed from 1...16
  o On-the-fly tempo changes are disabled


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