[LAA] [ANN] a2jmidid version 7 "Paisius of Hilendar" released

Nedko Arnaudov nedko at arnaudov.name
Sun Jan 16 12:47:33 UTC 2011

a2jmidid is a project that aims to ease usage of legacy ALSA sequencer
applications, in a JACK MIDI enabled system.

Homepage with screenshots: http://home.gna.org/a2jmidid/

Tarball download: http://download.gna.org/a2jmidid/

Changes since version 6:
 * MIDI processing improvements
 * Use the JACK limit for max port name size (sr #2526)
 * Adopt to shared library policy changes in some distros (sr #2547)
 * dbus support can now be disabled at configure stage
 * fix build on not so common platforms (LP: #556351)
 * man pages (from Debian)
 * reopen log file when it is deleted or replaced

Saint Paisius of Hilendar was a Bulgarian clergyman and a key Bulgarian
National Revival figure. He is most famous for being the author of
Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya, the second modern Bulgarian history after
the work of Petar Bogdan Bakshev from 1667, "History of Bulgaria". Most
Bulgarians think of him as the forefather of the Bulgarian National

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