[LAA] Composite 0.006.1 Released

Gabriel Beddingfield gabrbedd at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 04:43:40 UTC 2011

I am pleased to announce the release of Composite 0.006.1.  This is a
bug-fix release.


Composite is (or, will be) a software application/system for
real-time, in-performance sequencing, sampling, and looping.
Currently the main feature is the LV2 Sampler that supports Hydrogen


   * Fix FTBFS: t_AudioPort test missing link to QtCore
   * Fix FTBFS Song.cpp: Replace using of QString(int) with
     QString(const char*)
   * LV2 Sampler: Initialize QCoreApplication
   * LV2 Sampler: Fix crash by moving Logger instance to module level
   * LV2 Sampler: Check LV2 Event types and add extension meta-data
   * tests: t_AudioPort had a degenerate test
   * tests: t_SeqScript now passes (was failing as dev reminder)
   * Replace -lQtCore with ${QT_LIBRARIES} in build system


Composite is a project with a large vision.  Here is the status of the
different components:

     composite-gui:            Alpha (i.e. "a broken version of Hydrogen")
     compoiste_sampler (LV2):  production/stable, no GUI
     libTritium:               Not a public API, yet.


     Composite:   http://gabe.is-a-geek.org/composite/
     Plugin Docs: 
     Git:         http://gitorious.org/composite


To use the plugin, you need the following:

     * A program (host) that loads LV2 plugins.

     * A MIDI controller.

     * An audio output device.  :-)

The following LV2 hosts are known to work with this plugin:

     Ingen          http://drobilla.net/blog/software/ingen/
     ardour3 (alpha) http://ardour.org/
     lv2_jack_host  http://drobilla.net/software/slv2/
     zynjacku       http://home.gna.org/zynjacku/

If you don't have a hardware MIDI controller, I suggest using
jack-keyboard (http://jack-keyboard.sourceforge.net/).

The first time you run the sampler, it will create a file
~/.composite/data/presets/default.xml, which will set up presets on
Bank 0 for the two default drum kits (GMkit and TR808EmulationKit).
Sending MIDI PC 0 and PC 1 will switch between the two kits.  See
composite_sampler(1) for more information on setting up presets.


With this release, I would especially like to thank:

     Alessio Treglia - For dutifully reporting bugs, submitting
     patches, and *patiently* waiting for me to review them.

     Paul Davis - For working with me on the crashes that were
     discovered on ardour3 alpha.

Gabriel M. Beddingfield

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