[LAA] [ANN] zynjacku-6

Nedko Arnaudov nedko at arnaudov.name
Sat Mar 26 23:44:29 UTC 2011

In this release:
 * Fixes and improvements that improve interoperability with these
    * The Composite Sampler
    * EQ10Q
    * Calf
 * Support the new dynamic manifest extension and thus NASPRO 0.2.90
 * It is now possible to supply on commandline a regular expression
   instead of URI. The regexp must match only one URI.
 * Plugin GUI windows now have WM_WINDOW_ROLE set to "plugin_ui" (for
   WM kludges etc)
 * Various improvements in lv2 turtle rdf parsing
 * A commandline parsing bug that prevented use of state file is fixed
 * Better reporting and handling of ttl syntax errors
 * The plugin scanner got some speed an memory optimizations
 * It is now possible to build and use zynjacku on MacOSX
 * Windows of the generic GUIs are now smaller when the plugin is not
   dynparam one
 * The Author column is now named Maintainer to better match
   doap:maintainer semantics
 * Change installation layout to better suit Debian and hopefully
   other distros as well
 * In single plugin mode, exit if UI show failed
 * Properly handle scan when there are no lv2 plugins installed (patch
   by Orcan Ogetbil)
 * Fix syntax error exception. #15558
 * When rack was being cleared, some plugin UI windows were not being
   closed. This bug was fixed.

zynjacku is JACK based, GTK (2.x) host for LV2 synths. It has one JACK
MIDI input port (routed to all hosted synths) and one (two for stereo
synths) JACK audio output port per plugin. Such design provides
multi-timbral sound by running several synth plugins.

zynjacku is a nunchaku weapon for JACK audio synthesis. You have solid
parts for synthesis itself and you have flexible part that allows
synthesis to suit your needs.

lv2rack is a host for LV2 effect plugins.

Project homepage with screenshots:


Get tarball from here:


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