[LAA] Announcing synthclone-0.1.0

Devin Anderson devin at charityfinders.com
Sun Oct 9 06:32:16 UTC 2011

After almost two years, I'm happy to announce that a new version of
`synthclone` is available for download!

The new version of `synthclone` is a complete departure from the utility
application I wrote two years ago on a rainy weekend.  Here are the most
important changes:

    - `synthclone` is now a Qt-based application with a table interface that
      allows a user to configure sample times, release times, notes, velocity
      values, aftertouch, channel pressure, and MIDI control changes on a
      zone-by-zone basis.  You can tweak the parameters and audition samples
      until you're satisfied with the samples you've acquired.

    - The application is now session-based.  Sessions can be saved and

    - `synthclone` comes with `libsynthclone`, a plugin API that allows
      developers to write plugins that can interact with and extend the
      application.  Developers can add components to `synthclone`, including
      sampler components (for sending MIDI and acquiring audio data), effect
      components (for altering audio data), and target components (for
      writing patches that work with software that can play back sample-based
      instruments).  In addition, the API allows plugins to do almost
      anything that the application itself can do.  All changes to the
      session are accessible via the observer pattern (using Qt signals and
      slots), allowing plugins to easily sync to session changes.

    - `synthclone` is distributed with several plugins:

        1.) libsynthclone_hydrogen - Builds Hydrogen drumkits.
        2.) libsynthclone_jack - Sampling via the JACK Audio Connection Kit.
            Includes JACK Session support.
        3.) libsynthclone_sfz - Builds SFZ instruments.
        4.) libsynthclone_trimmer - Trims "silence" off of the start and end
            of acquired samples.
        5.) libsynthclone_zonegenerator - Generates zone data for acquiring

    - The application can write multiple targets (i.e. Hydrogen and SFZ) in
      one session.  No need to restart `synthclone` and wait while samples
      are reacquired.

The new version of `synthclone` is available at:


This is an alpha release.  Please report bugs using the issue tracker:


If you like `synthclone` and have ideas that can make it better and/or want
to keep up with its progress, join the users group:


If you're a developer and want to write plugins for `synthclone` or
contribute to the application itself, join the development group:


On a closing note, I'd like to thank Peter L. Jones for patiently answering
my questions about the SFZ format.  With his help, I was able to understand
far more about the SFZ format than I ever could using the official
documentation.  Thanks, Peter!

Devin Anderson
devin (at) charityfinders (dot) com

CharityFinders - http://www.charityfinders.com/
synthclone - http://synthclone.googlecode.com/

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