[LAA] FluidSynth 1.1.6 has been released!

David Henningsson diwic at ubuntu.com
Thu Aug 16 04:18:21 UTC 2012

FluidSynth 1.1.6 contains a few bug fixes, such as better MIDI 
End-of-track handling, broken sounds after voice overflow, and a few 
platform specific fixes.

Thanks to the people who have been contributing by developing, testing 
and discussing this release!

Also - if you want to increase the quality of future FluidSynth 
releases, please join the new FluidSynth tester program, to make sure 
your use case is still handled correctly by FluidSynth!

Relevant links:

Download at:

For more information, see the changelog:

For more information about the testing program, see
...and write an email on the fluid-dev list of what use cases you're 
interested in testing.

Thanks, and enjoy the new release!

   David Henningsson
   FluidSynth Developer Team

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