[LAA] First release of Wiimidi

Roland Mas lolando at debian.org
Thu Dec 6 10:31:04 UTC 2012

  I'm both pleased and surprised to announce the first real public
release of Wiimidi, which I've arbitrarily numbered 0.5.

  Wiimidi is a gateway for turning a Wiimote, possibly with an attached
accessory such as a Guitar Hero drumkit, into a source of MIDI events.
While that's far from original, I seem to have gained a very excited
user who encouraged me to actually make the program more visible (hence
this email) and to add features, to the point that now it may be useful
beyond just my own personal use case.  The aforementioned user
apparently used it with a hacked Wiimote as a pedal board during a jam
session, and reports that it all went fine (hence his excitement)

  The “interesting” features that may or may not differenciate Wiimidi
from other similar projects:

- customisable mapping of the Wiimote buttons (and drumkit pads) to
  arbitrary actions;
- actions are either MIDI signals (notes, program changes, controller
  events, or actually any arbitrary MIDI messages), action on the
  Wiimote LEDs (on, off, toggle, or even an animation for more visible
  feedback), or a set of such actions: one button could send a
  program-change and change the LED status to reflect on it;
- actions can be grouped in "cycles", and a button/pad can then execute
  a different set of actions on each hit; useful for toggles or to go
  through presets;
- drumkit pads can generate different actions based on the strength of
  the hit, allowing for open/closed hi-hat sounds without a separate
  control for instance.

  For more information, a little documentation and the pointers to the
actual code, see the Wimidi page at:


[About the name: I'm aware that there are several other projects around
with the Wiimidi name; however, none of them seem to have seen any
activity in recent years.  Whether mine will follow the trend or break
it, only time will tell.]

Roland Mas

One... two... one, two, many, lots!
  -- Lias, in Soul music (Terry Pratchett)

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