[LAA] Mup 6.1 Music Publisher

Arkkra Enterprises support at arkkra.com
Fri Dec 28 17:04:39 UTC 2012

The Mup music publication program version 6.1 is now available.
Mup produces very high quality PostScript music files,
or MIDI files, based on a text input file.

Mup has been under active development since 1992, and is a
a full featured program that can handle almost any kind of music,
instrumental or vocal, including tablature, shaped notes, guitar grids,
alternate tunings, user defined symbols, transposition,
macros, cross staff stems and beams, and much more.
It handles all layout details automatically,
but also lets the user make adjustments as they wish.

Mup was previously available only as shareware, but
beginning with 6.1 it is now available for free under a BSD-style license.
Version 6.1 includes all features of the previous shareware version,
as well as having a new feature to automatically do gradual MIDI changes.

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