[LAA] Lisalo -Linux Sampler Loader- 1.2 Release. Now with sidekick tool to load directories with wavs and oggs

Nils list at nilsgey.de
Sat Jul 7 01:44:06 UTC 2012

Lisalo - Linux Sampler Loader - is a command line program that loads entire directories of sample files, a single .sfz file or takes instructions from a meta .lsl file with relative paths to samples.
Now you can quickly and easily load sampled instruments without even starting a GUI.

This is release 1.2, grab it here, no installation required (but you can symlink it to /usr/bin if you want)
	git clone git://github.com/nilsgey/Lisalo.git  

[New Features]
lsl mode (see example.lsl)
-Choose an instrument index when loading gig or sf2 samples
-Load a directory with waves and oggs as one instrument.
-Choose a name for your JACK port

commandline mode (see -h or cat README)
-option to specify a name for your JACK port.
-directly load a single sfz file instead of a whole directory or a meta lsl file (auto detection by file extension)
-this sfz file can be a temp file created by Lisalos sidekick:

[New Tool - Sfz Generator]
Creates temporary sfz files. Point to a directory of wave or ogg files and you'll get the filename of an .sfz file in /tmp as return value.
In case you want to use this with Lisalo use the following syntax:
lisalo "$(lisalosfzgenerator.py /path/to/wavedir)"

This has several optional options such as: Start mapping from a key number (default 60 - middle c), only map the white keys, load sample dir recursively (don't point at your /home/samples or at an Ardour project dir!)

info at laborejo.org
irc.freenode.org #laborejo

Python3 (Developed and tested under 3.2.2)
Linuxsampler (no GUI required)

Feedback and idle chatting are welcome!


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