[LAA] Qtractor 0.5.4 - Echo Victor shouts out!

Rui Nuno Capela rncbc at rncbc.org
Thu Mar 1 18:39:35 UTC 2012


There's no victory over anything whatsoever. Read it again, it's just a 
codename. If that serves anything at all, to my own defense that is, 
Qtractor is still a pet project hobby of mine, as all things in Linux 
audio world for that matter.

There's been too many saying and comparing Ardour vs. Qtractor. I'm 
seeing if often said in too many sentences lately and, believe me, I 
cannot stand comfortable with that saying no more.

So here it goes: Ardour is a full fledged, pro-level DAW and, for crying 
out loud on its own, the flagship of the free/open-source pro-audio 
fleet and movement, not only Linux anymore nowadays. On the other hand, 
Qtractor is 'a sequencer' (hinted by its own subtitle, in case you 
didn't notice) with a twist and a few of a DAW features. And it strictly 
runs on the Linux platform only and most important yet, it has been 
targeted to a (re)creational personal home-studio audience ever since.

Heard about the 'techno-boy bedroom' (with a guitar) folk? Well, that's 
exactly what it is, from day zero. Hope you all get the picture ;)

Enough whining.

   Qtractor 0.5.4 (echo victor) is out and is shouting out loud!

Release highlights:

* Panic command button (NEW)
* Improved audio/MIDI file resource management (NEW)
* MIDI SysEx for instrument plugins (NEW)
* MIDI Controller auto-hook option (NEW)
* MIDI Tools resize ramp (NEW)
* Revised plugin search directory paths (FIX)
* MIDI zero-duration note-on/off queueing (FIX)
* Audio linked-clips looping (FIX)



Project page:



- source tarball:

- source package (openSUSE 12.1):


- binary packages (openSUSE 12.1):



- long time ago, far far away: user manual:

Weblog (upstream support):



   Qtractor is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms 
of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.


- Direct access plugin/insert parameter changing tool-tip added.
- A Transport/Panic action enters the scene, in a nostalgic attempt to 
emulate the all-MIDI-track-shut-off command of those drop-dead and 
primordial MIDI sequencers of all time. Now finally a keyboard shortcut 
and mouse click-away ;)
- MIDI editor command redo/undo adjustment now effective on all other 
channel events besides notes, which overlap at the same event time.
- A new File/Unlink menu action is now made available from the MIDI clip 
editor (aka. piano-roll) for detaching the current linked/ref-counted 
MIDI clip into a new auto-incremented SMF filename.
- Some audio/MIDI content/media-file resource management is entering the 
scene, taking care of some file-system house-keeping, this gets evident 
on unsaved/dead recorded files being automaticaly removed from the 
file-system, on session close.
- Killed the old and entirely deprecated LV2 Save/Restore and Persist 
feature/extensions support.
- Auto-monitored MIDI events are now merged/queued correctly into the 
instrument plugin playback queue, avoiding sudden crashes, hopefully.
- Awesome patch from Albert Graef, thanks, which makes most MIDI SysEx 
to get through MIDI instrument plugins at last; applies to DSSI and LV2 
plugins only.
- LV2 URID map/unmap feature support added.
- Plugin parameter value redo/undo command aliasing fix.
- Double-clicking in plugin list item now show/activates the plugin's 
editor window (was toggling visibility/activation).
- Plugin path settings have been fixed again, with special regards to an 
effective LV2_PATH environment variable settlement.
- Session properties dialog now asks to create a new session directory 
if the given one does not currently exist.
- MIDI note names and their respective octave numbers are now compliant 
with the ISO standard where middle C (60) is now C4 (was C3).
- Fixed audible glitch/pop at the beginning of an audio clip with long 
quadratic or cubic shaped fade-in (reported by Lougi Verona, thanks).
- MIDI Controller Auto-Hook patch by Alessandro Preziosi, thanks.
- Make sure all MIDI note-off are always queued after their respective 
note-on events when buffering for MIDI input of instrument plugins, 
event though for zero duration MIDI note events (hopefully fixing the 
hanging notes bug #3476124, as reported by Albert Graef, thanks).
- LV2 MIDI-fx plugin support has been repaired.
- Single-track clip selection logic corrected again, fixing multi-clip 
selection drag/move across an odd number of distinct tracks (after a bug 
report by Louigi Verona, on linux-audio-dev, thanks).
- MMC Locate time-code hour bit-field fix; MMC Locate now also on loop 
turnarounds (patches by Albert Graef, thanks).
- Looping across multiple linked/ref-counted audio clips was incredibly 
broken with complete out-of-sync playback. Hopefully fixed now, with 
auto-unlinking/cloning all the affected audio clip buffers.
- Audio clip overlapping detection off-by-one(-frame) fix.
- MIDI Tools/Resize value ramp mode has been added (mocking the 'resize 
to range' feature request #3467894, by Daniel MacDonald aka. danboid).

Enjoy && Have fun!
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela
rncbc at rncbc.org

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