[LAA] LAC 2012 @ CCRMA wrap up

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed May 2 23:11:19 UTC 2012

Hi all,

A bit more than two weeks ago LAC 2012 was closing its doors and The 
Knoll felt suddenly empty. In the meantime part of the amazing team that 
helped us host this year's Linux Audio Conference has been working in 
the background, uploading, encoding, compressing, editing and posting 
pictures, videos, slides and papers. All the goodness that happened in 
those very intense four days is now there, ready and available for download:


Thanks to everyone that helped make it a reality, and to all those that 
participated both here and through Ethernet packets. A substantial 
subset of all the local lac'ers was captured in a picture which Robin[*] 
promptly transformed into a great who's who...

Great papers, very good music and very good memories! So let's start 
preparing new stuff for next year's LAC2013 @ Graz! Passing the baton on 
to the next host... go go GO!!

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
Bruno Ruviaro
LAC 2012 organizers
CCRMA, Stanford University

[*] special thanks to Robin and Jörn for a killer web site and 
organization, amazing dvswitch hacks, super professional streaming, 
sound and video, the best that could be done with limited resources. And 
to Carr Wilkerson, Sasha Leitman and many others for their tireless 
support work. Thanks!

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