[LAA] First Release of GeoSonix Port to Linux

Chris Graham chrisgr99 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 17:01:46 UTC 2012

GeoSonix is a graphical music sequencer and music composition
environment I've been developing for over a year after forking it from
IanniX.  I contributed to development of the previous version of
IanniX, but my goals differed from those of the IanniX team.

What distinguishes GeoSonix from IanniX is that it has much better
support for MIDI as well as built in support for the control and
generation of rhythmic music harmony, and "tonal music", the ability
to incorporate bitmap images into music generation, and many other
unprecedented capabilities for music composition.  I will be
continuing to extend GeoSonix in these directions.

For examples of what GeoSonix can do, see my Vimeo site:
vimeo.com/user4679000/videos   (and these are a tiny taste of its

Previously GeoSonix has been only available for Mac (and earlier, for
Windows) but I'm pleased to announce a first version for Linux.

You can download a binary version here (64 bit):

Source code is also available from bitbucket.org/chrisgr99/geosonix
It's based on the Qt.

Warning:  I developed and tested the Linux version on the one Linux
computer I have available here but I don't have another to confirm
portability.  Please let me know ASAP if you find any problems, by
email to chrisgr99 at gmail dot com.

I welcome comments and suggestions.

- Chris Graham

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