[LAA] FSTHost 1.3

rev8 xj at wp.pl
Mon Sep 3 19:38:26 UTC 2012

Hello fellow,

Please find release 1.3 of FSTHost (Host for Win32VST plugins). Changes since 1.2:

- Makefile improvment for easier packaging (moslty for Arch - it now use DESTDIR)
- Add option -N for auto-send SysEx when something change
- Threads refactoring
- Response for Sysex Dump Request only if it is addressed to us (i.e. UUID match)
- Support for VSTPluginMain entry (mostly for Antialias VST)
- ... like always .. fixes, improvments etc.

This is probably the last version that using GTK "cover". Because of a lot of bugs and also unneeded dependency it will be replaced by ... something completely different ;-)


Best Regards

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