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KXStudio is a freely downloadable and easy to use GNU/Linux operating
system that focuses on audio and video production. The installation disc
includes a comprehensive selection of ready-to-run multimedia production
software such as the Ardour, qtractor and REAPER DAWs, the KDEnlive video
editor, the Renoise, Sunvox and Rosegarden sequencers, GIMP image editor,
k3b CD/DVD/BD burner, 100's of effect plugins and virtual instrument
plugins and much, much more. KXStudio allows everybody to hit the ground
running with an optimized and largely pre-configured free software based
digital studio.

Multimedia-focused GNU/Linux distributions are nothing new, so what makes
KXStudio special?

* KXStudio includes Cadence, a suite of custom tools that makes it simple
to manage the various layers and features of the various Linux audio
sub-systems, integrating them seamlessly via a single app. If you've
attempted audio production under Linux previously and struggled, you may
find Cadence to be the solution to your Linux audio difficulties.

* The easiest way to get going with KXStudio is to install afresh from its
DVD ISO but more experienced Linux users have the option of adding the
KXStudio software repositories onto an existing Ubuntu or Debian
installation so that they may easily install a wide variety of multimedia
packages and just take what they need. This allows for many more
installation and customization options compared to other Linux
distributions and puts the proprietary operating systems to shame in

* GNU/Linux audio plus its installation and configuration is no longer
shrouded in mystery thanks to the concise and easy to read KXStudio
documentation available at http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/kxstudio_manual

If you'd like to be creative with your computer and free of the demands and
limitations of the corporately controlled alternatives, KXStudio is
arguably the best option available!

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