[LAA] FSTHost 1.5.3

Pawel xj at wp.pl
Tue Dec 17 04:52:23 UTC 2013


Please find new release of FSTHost.

Please note that since now there is simple app "FSTHost Menu" shipped with fsthost. It cover some functionality with FeSTige and has to fullfill a similar role.

New release of FSTHost contain:
- Support for GTK3 ( GTK2 is still supported )
- Propose path of file opened at start as default while save state
- fsthost menu - perl version with GTK2/GTK3 support ( and with tray/status icon ;-)
- aggregator - app for merge all fsthost windows into one ( not installed by default )
- use wine ( win32 ) code when moving window ( instead of X tricks )
- disable support for bbt_offset , because seems that some VST plugins does not like fractal values in barStartPos
- do not zeroize outputs by default ( -z option )
- XML DB - use shared file for 32/64 versions ( ~/.fsthost.xml )
- Scan all dirs in VST_PATH recursively when building XML DB ( -g option )
- Allow build 32 and 64 version independently
- a lot of code refactoring
- .... and a lot of other changes

Best Regards

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