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Carlos sanchiavedraz csanchezgs at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 15:53:19 UTC 2013

2012/12/6 Roland Mas <lolando at debian.org>:
>   I'm both pleased and surprised to announce the first real public
> release of Wiimidi, which I've arbitrarily numbered 0.5.
>   Wiimidi is a gateway for turning a Wiimote, possibly with an attached
> accessory such as a Guitar Hero drumkit, into a source of MIDI events.
> While that's far from original, I seem to have gained a very excited
> user who encouraged me to actually make the program more visible (hence
> this email) and to add features, to the point that now it may be useful
> beyond just my own personal use case.  The aforementioned user
> apparently used it with a hacked Wiimote as a pedal board during a jam
> session, and reports that it all went fine (hence his excitement)
>   The “interesting” features that may or may not differenciate Wiimidi
> from other similar projects:
> - customisable mapping of the Wiimote buttons (and drumkit pads) to
>   arbitrary actions;
> - actions are either MIDI signals (notes, program changes, controller
>   events, or actually any arbitrary MIDI messages), action on the
>   Wiimote LEDs (on, off, toggle, or even an animation for more visible
>   feedback), or a set of such actions: one button could send a
>   program-change and change the LED status to reflect on it;
> - actions can be grouped in "cycles", and a button/pad can then execute
>   a different set of actions on each hit; useful for toggles or to go
>   through presets;
> - drumkit pads can generate different actions based on the strength of
>   the hit, allowing for open/closed hi-hat sounds without a separate
>   control for instance.
>   For more information, a little documentation and the pointers to the
> actual code, see the Wimidi page at:
>   http://roland.entierement.nu/pages/wiimidi.html
> [About the name: I'm aware that there are several other projects around
> with the Wiimidi name; however, none of them seem to have seen any
> activity in recent years.  Whether mine will follow the trend or break
> it, only time will tell.]
> Roland.
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> Roland Mas
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Hi Roland.

Just wanted to report that there's an error with the link to the zip:

I think it is:
(...then you could change also the version number on the info page, 0.7 -> 0.5)

Thanks for sharing.

P.S: Some yeras ago I started a similar project that was also to be
called "wiimidi", but never got time to finish it properly. But at
least I got to integrate the Wiimote in Pd and in CLAM.

Carlos sanchiavedraz
* Musix GNU+Linux

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