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The ALSA MIDI Filter (AMF) runs as an ALSA MIDI client, connects to a
configurable set of MIDI clients for input, processes its input (MIDI event
data) based on its configuration and the type and content of the MIDI
input, and sends the result to one or more connected MIDI output clients.


I developed this application after looking into current MIDI filtering
packages for Linux (such as mididings and midish) and not being satisfied
with what I can do with them.  AMF is implemented in perl, using the
MIDI::ALSA module, and is intended to be an open-ended project that will
grow and evolve as needed.  Anyone interested is welcome to add their own
features and modifications - submit patches for consideration, fork it, or
etc.  The license is GPL v2.  If you're not a developer/hacker, you're
welcome to submit suggestions for additional functionality and
improvements.  And, of course, bug reports are welcome.

Current MIDI-event filtering features:

  - program-change - From note event where patch number is determined by
the pitch value.
  - bank-select - switch to the next/previous bank.
  - transpositions - Transpose pitches within a certain configured range up
    or down by a specified number of half steps.
  - Run external commands.
  - Real-time START, STOP, and CONTINUE messages.
  - MIDI machine control messages.
  - Trigger a mode (which I call "program-change sample mode") that cycles
through the entire range of patches, with a pause in between each patch
change.  In other words, it sends patch 0, pauses for a configured number
of seconds, sends patch 1, etc., until it has reached patch 127. This
allows the user to try out - "sample" - each patch of the current bank
without having to explicitly invoke a program change.
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