[LAA] nxjsm 0.1

Pawel xj at wp.pl
Fri Nov 15 20:02:09 UTC 2013


I wanna share with community my very simple Jack session manager. It console app and is intended to use from scripts ( even if this is rc.local ;-) - or it could be linked to some icon/activator on desktop ;-)
It use libconfig for store settings and CDK ( ncurses ) for display while it "watching".

In save mode it works almost like jack_session_notify ( this part of code was partially borrowed, but was fixed, optimized and adapted - e.g. it doesn't store duplicate connections. take care of trailing slash in session directory, use libconfig etc. ).

Load mode was written from scratch. It start stored apps, restore it's connections and then it works like watchdog. It should be ( and it is at least for me ;-) useful for live performances.

There is also simple script which merge this two functionality, and it can also start start jack and wineserver (in persistent mode), export WINE_RT variables etc.

Check this url:

I use this already in my band, so let this publicity of our song will be my "salary" ;-)

Best Regards

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