[LAA] Rivendell v2.5.5

Fred Gleason fredg at paravelsystems.com
Wed Nov 20 00:17:55 UTC 2013

On behalf of the entire Rivendell development team, I'm pleased to announce the availability of Rivendell v2.5.5.  Rivendell is a full-featured radio automation system targeted for use in professional broadcast environments. It is available under the GNU General Public License.

From the NEWS file:
*** snip snip ***
If upgrading from a v1.x version of Rivendell, be sure to read the
'UPGRADING' file before proceeding for important information.

   RLM API Extension.  Added new fields to the 'rlm_pad' struct to
   allow plug-ins to determine actual and predicted start times for events.

   RDMonitor Enhancements.  Extended RDMonitor to allow proper positioning
   on multi-head displays.

   LiveWire Switcher Driver Changes.  The switcher drivers for LiveWire
   have been refactored into three separate drivers:
      LWRP Audio - Allows switching of audio routes on LiveWire devices.

      LWRP GPIO - Allows monitoring and control of LiveWire GPIO devices
      via LWRP (both virtual and direct).

      Multicast GPIO - Allows monitoring and control of LiveWire console
      GPIO without the need for a virtual LWRP device.

   See 'SWITCHERS.txt' for details.

   RDSelect Enhancements.  Added support for specifying CAE and RDXport
   service assignments via RDSelect configurations.

   Multiple bug fixes.  See the ChangeLog for details.

Database Update:
   This version of Rivendell uses database schema version 220, and will
   automatically upgrade any earlier versions.  To see the current schema
   version prior to upgrade, see RDAdmin->SystemInfo.

   As always, be sure to run RDAdmin immediately after upgrading to allow 
   any necessary changes to the database schema to be applied.
*** snip snip ***

Further information, screenshots and download links are available at:



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