[LAA] Audiality 2 now on GitHub

David Olofson david at olofson.net
Sat Oct 12 17:55:18 UTC 2013

        Audiality 2 is now hosted on GitHub!
        Figured it's about time to make an announcement,
        now that it's been on there for a few weeks... ;-)

        Audiality 2 is a realtime audio and music engine,
        primarily intended for video games. While it
        supports traditional sample playback as well as
        additive, subtractive and granular synthesis, the
        distinctive feature is subsample accurate realtime

Some of the changes since 1.9.0:
        * Subvoice spawn and event timing fixed - now truly
          subsample accurate! (For granular synthesis etc.)
        * Added generic stream API for wave uploading,
          audio streaming etc.
        * 'filter12' no longer blows up at high cutoffs.
        * 'filter12' supports 2 channels/dual channel mode.
        * More accurate pitch control in 'wtosc'.
        * More logical unit autowiring: Now wires outputs
          to any inputs down the chain by default; not just
          the next unit.
        * 'run' statement removed.
        * Comma as a statement delimiter now deprecated.

Next few upcoming changes:
        * Command line player.
        * Boolean and comparison operators.
        * Normalize, crossfade and reverse mix processing
          for wave uploads.
        * Render-to-wave, for creating complex waves.
        * Buffered taps/inserts, for easy implementation of
          GUI oscilloscopes and the like without realtime

Official site:


Related; Kobo II site:

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