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*SEAMUS Electroacoustic Miniatures 2014: Transients*

The SEAMUS Electroacoustic Miniatures Series is an annual album release of
fixed-media works addressing a specific theme which has been devised by the
adjudication committee. The albums will be made commercially available via
all major online music distributors as well as the SEAMUS website.

Works on short time scales, such as the miniature or the poem, often afford
a paradoxical potency and clarity. Or they can permit flashes of whimsy,
fancy, and oddity. This year's theme, "Transients," invites consideration
of the momentary and the succinct, but also the transitory, the ephemeral,
and the evanescent.

All SEAMUS members are eligible and invited to submit one fixed-media
composition (recordings of live performance pieces are not accepted), up to
three minutes in length, to be considered for inclusion. There is no
application fee. All submissions must be complete works (no
works-in-progress) and must be received by *June 15, 2014. *Composers are
responsible for all clearances and licensing required for materials they
use in their submissions; SEAMUS will not pay for sample licenses of
copyrighted materials. Please include brief program notes.

The adjudication committee will evaluate each submission based on the
following criteria:
- Adherence to the theme
- Creative and coherent exploration of thematic possibilities
- Musicality
- Technical quality

Submission procedures:
- Fill out all the fields in the official application
- Your submission must be a wav or aif file, with a 44.1K sample rate and
16 bit resolution
- Your submission file must be titled with only the title of the composition
- Upload the file to Dropbox or another similar file hosting service
- Post the link to the file in the appropriate field on the form
- Any submissions containing identifying information in the file name or
link will be disqualified

Questions regarding the submission process may be directed to Keith
Kirchoff at keithkirchoff at gmail.com
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