[LAA] Hydrogen 0.9.6 released

mauser at smoors.de mauser at smoors.de
Mon Aug 4 10:53:47 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

i'm happy to announce the final release of Hydrogen 0.9.6. I'm pretty 
sure that most of the users are already working with a 0.9.6-beta 
version, but here again is a small list of the most important changes in 

         * new build system (cmake)
         * add undo for song/pattern editor
         * jack-session support
         * jack-midi support
         * several bug fixes
         * tabbed interface
         * several small changes to the GUI
         * improve ExportSong add use of TimeLineBPM,
           RubberbandBatch processor and different types of resample 

The release can be downloaded via github: 

At this time, this is a linux-only release. Installers for Windows / OS 
X may follow in the future.

Big thanks to all those wonderful people who made this release happen 
and who are keeping this project alive!

Best regards,

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