[LAA] MIDA 0.3.0

Mark Karpov markkarpov at opmbx.org
Sun Dec 7 15:06:58 UTC 2014

I would like to announce MIDA, version 0.3.0.

Short description:

MIDA is a minimalistic language for algorithmic generation of MIDI
files. MIDA is not interactive in sense that you cannot control result
of its activity in real time, it is intended for producers and should be
used with a DAW. MIDA can help you create variative elements in your
music in a very simple way. Since MIDI can control a lot of different
instruments, power of MIDA is truly great.

Main reason for MIDA development is to create software tool that can be
used in such a way that does not change established workflow, so people
could use familiar plugins and software instruments.

Unlike many programs in field of algorithmic composition, MIDA does not
aim creating complex or peculiar algorithms, because complexity of such
systems rarely translates into emotional impact directly. Instead, MIDA
gives you simple and effective tool to vary parameters of MIDI events.

MIDA does not have GUI, because it doesn't need one. It can work as REPL
(interactive mode) or as translator from source to MIDI files (batch

MIDA repository is here: https://github.com/mrkkrp/mida

Documentation online: http://mrkkrp.github.io/mida/

Although MIDA is created on GNU/Linux and for GNU/Linux, it can be
compiled on many platforms (but only Windows version is tested).

MIDA is licensed under GNU GPL version 3, it's free software.


-- Mark Karpov

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