[LAA] Nama multitrack recorder v1.203

Joel Roth joelz at pobox.com
Thu Dec 25 18:59:33 UTC 2014

I am happy to announce Nama version 1.203.  With this
release, the effects-handling code has been fully converted
to Nama's OO model and several issues resolved.

* fix spurious reconfiguration 
* effect chains apply parameters
* restore playback position to zero after recording
* kill Ecasound on exit in NetECI mode 
* correctly handle user effect addressing (aliases and effect chain affiliation)
* fix drift in Master track volume 
* add CONTRIBUTORS to man page
* add-effect/remove-effect accepts effect chain name as well as effect ID 
* fix parsing of Ecasound chain operator parameter names 

For users, the add-effect and remove-effect commands will
now work on effect chains as well as simple effects. Effects
can be addressed by effect ID, user alias or effect code.
Some bus-related commands have been renamed to conform
standard terminology.

For those who care to prod and hack the sources, Nama's
variables, defined in src/var_*, are now documented in

I welcome feedback from any tire-kicking, torture-testing

Thanks to the Linux audio community, to Kai Vehmanen for
Ecasound and to Nama's user community for their invaluable


Nama is a digital audio workstation. It is suitable for
multitrack recording, effects-processing, editing, mixing,
and other audio tasks. Nama uses Ecasound, developed by Kai
Vehmanen, for audio processing. Nama hosts LADSPA and LV2
plugins, Ecasound effects and controllers. It works well
under JACK and ALSA.

New projects begin with a mixer, and may include tracks,
takes, buses, effects, sends, inserts, marks, regions,
fades, edits, sequences and submixes, with mixdown to wav,
ogg, mp3.

Nama has a full-featured command interpreter with TAB
completion, keyword help and command history; a hotkey mode
for tweaking effect parameters, a Tk-based GUI, and project
management (history, branching, tags) based on git.


The easiest way to install Nama, is using a CPAN
client such as cpan or cpanm:

    cpanm Audio::Nama
    PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT=1 cpan Audio::Nama

Other dependencies are Ecasound, LADSPA SDK (for LADSPA
plugin support), LILV utilities (for LV2 plugin support),
and midish (for MIDI capabilities).

1. This and other source files are available from the git
repository at http://github.com/bolangi/nama

Joel Roth

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