[LAA] AV Linux 6.0.3 Released

MGV-AV Linux info at bandshed.net
Tue Feb 25 16:16:49 UTC 2014

Hi fellow LAUs and LADs!

AV Linux 6.0.3 has been released:

Highlights of this release are the newly released Ardour3 3.5.357 with
critical bugfixes and fixed detection of linuxVST plugins, the latest new
JACK1 0.124.1, demo LV2 version of linuxDSP's AF2-10 EQ, The latest
EQ10/CS10/Gate-LV2, fixes to Carla Plugin host binary with SFZ support
fixed, Steam has been added however will not be actively maintained and
LibreOffice is now at 4.2. For more detailed info please consult the
changelog below.

For existing users of either AV Linux 6.0.1b and AV Linux 6.0.2 a
hotfixupdatepak with the core improvements contained in 6.0.3 has been
prepared. AV Linux 6.0.1b users will need to first install the
6.0.1b-6.0.2 updatepak and then the 6.0.3 updates.

Changelog from AV Linux 6.0.2-6.0.3:


- Set numlock to off by default to avoid keyboard havoc with Netbooks and
Small Laptops with combined number/letter keys
- Fixed Ardour3 builds to properly detect linuxVST plugins since XFCE4
launchers do not utilize environment variables (thanks Paul Davis!)
- Fixed Carla Plugin Host to properly load SFZ files (thanks falkTX!)
- Fixed DispcalGUI to launch properly
- Removed Compiz button from Wbar to avoid running unwanted instances
- Added all relevant Broadcom Wireless Firmware, Driver and Source
Packages to ease setup as much as possible.


- Updated 3.10.27avl2-pae default Kernel (optional RT Build available in
your home folder) – Thanks Trulan Martin!
- Updated Inkscape to 0.48.4
- Updated liblilv to 0.18.0
- Updated libsuil to 0.8.0
- Updated lv2-dev to 1.8.0
- Updated sratom to 0.4.4
- Updated JALV to 1.4.4+ extUI patch
- Updated fabla-lv2 to 1.3
- Updated Qsampler to 0.2.3
- Updated Qtractor to 0.5.12+SVN with debugging and NSM Session fixes
- Updated Pipelight to
- Updated Wine-Compholio to 1.7.11
- Updated Qjackctl to 0.3.11
- Updated Ardour/VST3 to 3.5.357
- Updated JACK and jackutils scripts to 0.124.1
- Updated LMMS to 0.4.15
- Updated Vamp-Plugins-SDK to 2.5 (Required to build Ardour3 Cairo Canvas)
- Updated Qsynth to 0.3.8
- Updated Qmidinet to 0.1.3
- Updated Carla to 1.2.4
- Updated Polyphone to 1.2
- Updated EQ10 LV2 to 2.0beta5.1+GTK UI fix
- Updated MDA LV2's to 1.2.2
- Updated LibreOffice to 4.2
- Updated HPLIP to 3.14.1
- Updated Wine to 1.6.2+rt

New Additions

- Steam *NOTE – not being maintained for AV Linux YMMV!
- Qmidictl 0.1.1
- linuxDSP AF-210 EQ LV2 Demo
- Grub Customizer 4.0.3
- Timemachine 0.3.3
- Gmidimonitor 3.6+GIT
- GTK RecordmyDesktop
- Alternate Ardour launch scripts for special cases: (Netbook sized
screens, Buggy Video Drivers) *Full info in release notes

Release Notes: http://www.bandshed.net/pdf/603-ReleaseNotes.pdf
Get 6.0.3 here: http://www.bandshed.net/AVLinux.html *torrents will be up
HotfixUpdatePak for 6.0.1b - 6.0.2:
HotfixUpdatePak for 6.0.2 - 6.0.3:

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