[LAA] io GNU/Linux update ;)

MK aka El Doctor el.doctor at laposte.net
Thu Jan 30 14:17:23 UTC 2014

Hi guys :)

Updated "io GNU/Linux" ready for download... 

Well, now both 32 and 64bits variants are available

Many bug fixes, improvements and new features:

  * ThreadIRQs option available at boot menu (rtirq enabled and configured 
depending if your default sound card is usb or not)
  * Kernel 3.12.8
  * Default desktop Enlightenment 0.18.2 (you may have to switch the composite 
engine from OpenGL to Software if you experience problems with Jack)
  * A little "getting started" is now include (a bit crappy, need to work on 
this... krkrkr)
  * Full persistence \o/

PS: io GNU/Linux use hybrid disc format and can be started from DVD or USB 
  To prepare a bootable USB drive, from a running GNU/Linux system you can use 
the command cp, for exemple:
  $ cp io-live-hybrid-3.12.8-amd64--20140127-04.08.iso /dev/sdc
  #Assuming that your usb drive is /dev/sdc of course ;)
  !!! Be careful that it will erase all contents in your usb drive !!!

Feedbacks welcome :)

Enjoy !! 
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