[LAA] Infamous Plugins V0.2.0 The Come What May Places Release Pre-Announce

Spencer Jackson ssjackson71 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 22:36:59 UTC 2015

Along the dusty road into the small western town, the infamous gang
approaches. They ride up, bringing along the usual uneasy feeling. What
trouble will it be this time? It's soon apparent that in addition to sundry
bugfixes and improving tweaks among the group, a new brother has joined the

the infamous lushlife!

This fully featured Artificial Double Tracker (ADT) plugin has up to 6
channels of doubling, each with controllable detuning, delay, gain,
panning, and 2 lfos (per channel). It can do everything from thin beatle
effects to lush choruses. To learn more go to

But wait, this plugin cannot fully maraude with the others; the GUI is
being held for ransom! Its sentence is 50 days, but you could pitch in for
an early bail. Every $2 donated will move the release up 1 day. The plugin
itsself is in the releases section ready to download and try, but for the
GUI, you have to donate, or just wait. All source code will be released by
28 January 2016, unless donations buy it down to an earlier date.

Also I'll accept bartering for donations. Presets, documentation, demos,
videos, songs, ANYTHING for any project that builds up the linux audio
community can be used. Contact me and tell me what you'll do and we'll work
out a "value" for how many days I'll knock off.

One additional point of note regarding the lushlife GUI, the host generated
UI allows you to go to very extreme values (2 octaves up or down!), whereas
the GUI limits it to the more useful (and natural sounding) middle ground.
This way the GUI provides better resolution for tweaking in the critical

Check them out at http://ssj71.github.io/infamousPlugins
For more info about donations and the GUI release go to

_Spencer (ssj71)
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