[LAA] OSC2MIDI utility, version 0.0.00_beta!

Spencer Jackson ssjackson71 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 00:29:01 UTC 2015

Hi all:

My project of the last few months is probably ready to set free on some
more machines.

OSC2MIDI is a flexible osc <-> midi bridge written in C and designed
especially for control of jack midi apps from an android device. It was
created with the open source android app Control (OSC + MIDI) in mind,
since thats what I use, but was deliberately designed so that one can
specify any arbitrary mapping of messages for conversion with plain text
files. The default mapping works with well with Control but I also have
included maps for adrosc, touchosc, and generic osc messages. Mapping is
(in my opinion) extensively documented in the map file default.omm included
with the source so you can quickly create your own map to suit your own

Please give it a whirl if you are interested and leave feedback on the
sourceforge project page (discussion for questions, tickets for issues).
I'll let it sit at beta for a bit. Once I clear out any initial bugs (or
miraculously none are found) I'll take off the beta status.

Get it at:

Follow the README for installation help, or if stuck, please reach out to


note: as for the ambitious version number (0.0.00) I see no point in
version numbering before release of a one-man project. :) If it scares you
feel free to rename the folder with a larger number. Once a few bug reports
come in it will grow.
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