[LAA] [ANN] Radium 3.0.rc3

Kjetil Matheussen k.s.matheussen at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 22:36:01 UTC 2015

Radium is a new type of music editor. It is inspired by trackers,
but has fewer limitations and uses graphics to show musical data.

Homepage: http://users.notam02.no/~kjetism/radium/
Screenshots and videos:

Source code and 64 bit binary packages are available.

Most important changes in 3.0.rc2 -> 3.0.rc3
* Fix pd plugin on fedora 21 (and other distributions having wish8.6)
* Fix various crashes related to changing the number of visible lines while
* Use Unicode everywhere. Don't crash if running Radium in a non-ascii path.
* Fix "use last estimated vblank value" button
* Fix clang 3.5 compilation
* Give specific warning if using the Nouveau driver
* Fix memory leaks when loading samples
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