[LAA] [ANN] x42-plugins-20150702

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sat Jul 4 23:34:48 UTC 2015

x42-plugins is a collection of cross platform LV2 audio/midi plugins,
currently featuring over 80 plugins from 11 repositories.

(sha1sum d37977c1a07f6d1a46e673614a2be47881cc7bce)

Changes since the last release (20150530)

* All plugins
 - now have LV2 required version numbers
 - feature built-in documentation/description

Plugin descriptions are now 100% spec conform and survived
pedantic inspection by the LV2 high inquisitor (falkTX ['s script]).

There have been various small build-system and packaging tweaks reported
by distros in the wake of the previous release last month.
Many thanks to Jaromir Mikes (debian), Edgar Aichinger (openSuSe) and
Filipe Coelho (KXstudio).

Likewise portability has been further improved. While developed an
targeted at GNU/Linux, all plugins now on run reliably on all major OS
and support over 20 CPU architectures.
Thanks to Jean-Luc Nest, Chris Goddart and Harrisonconsoles for QA on
OSX and Windows.

* sisco.lv2 (Simple Scope)
 - allow to vertically align individual channels

* meters.lv2 (Audio Signal Meters)
 - EBUr128 GUI: improved drawing performance (partial exposure)
 - new Bit Meter (inspired by bitmeter the jack app)
 - scalable GUI for the 30band 1/3 oct spectrum analyzer
 - drawing improvements for the Goniometer "dot" mode.

* midifilter.lv2
  - fix some invalid ranges min <= default <= max.
  - remove units from port-names, use lv2:unit

* OSC controllable standalone jack applications (simple LV2 host)
  are now compiled and deployed by default for the following:
   + x42-eq (mono + stereo variant)
   + x42-tuna
   + x42-meter (collection of all meter.lv2)
   + x42-mixtri (mixer/trigger pre-processor)
  (x42-scope was previously available as standalone jack app)

 - incl man-pages and --osc-doc built-it doc
 - possibility to set initial port-values
 - featuring port latency compensation

For a complete list of changes, please see the individual repositories:


Kudos to Fons Adriaensen, some of the DSP code goes back to him and he
provided very valuable feedback and advise throughout the development of
what became x42-plugins over the years.
Also to David Robillard who laid the LV2 groundwork and made portable
free audio-plugins a possibility in the first place.

Last but not least, many thanks to libremusicproduction.com and
libregraphicsworld.org for continued support and publicity.

have fun,

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