[LAA] MIDA 0.4.1 released

Mark Karpov markkarpov at opmbx.org
Sat Mar 28 10:21:34 UTC 2015

MIDA 0.4.1 released, changes:

* dramatically improved efficiency, now very long compositions can be
  quickly rendered;

* lexer: changed style of comments, shell-like comments adopted;

* changed alias of notes: dièse is written now as `s` not as `#`, so
  middle octave is: `c5`, `cs5`, `d5`, `ds5`, `e5`, etc.;

* now there are alias for all supported (in MIDI) pitches from 0 to 127,
  that is: from `c0` to `g10` (alias `c10` -- `g10` added);

* changed alias of modulation signs, reason for such change is purely
  technical -- all alias now are predefined definitions, rather than
  syntactic sugar, so all alias must be valid identifiers;

* identifiers can contain underline sign (`_`);

* arbitrary number of files can be specified for loading (from command
  line, as well as from interactive REPL);

* many purely technical changes that are difficult to explain concisely,
  but they should be mentioned, most important being addition of test
  suite and ability to generate source files from syntax trees;

* added command line options: `--license` and `--version`.

So, here are some syntax changes, this is because the project is still
in flux, but it's settling down.

Where to get: https://github.com/mrkkrp/mida/releases/tag/0.4.1

Docs online:  https://mrkkrp.github.io/mida/


-- Mark Karpov

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