[LAA] QJackRcd 1.1.0 released

Olivier ROUITS olivier.rouits at free.fr
Fri May 1 23:39:14 UTC 2015


QJackRcd 1.1.0 released

QJackRcd is a simple QT application to record JACK server outputs with 
native "turnkey" features as automatic pause/split on silence and 
background sound file processing

1.1.0 archive here:

In this release:
- QT5 dependency upgrade
- Output directory choice (not only home)
- Jack transport / auto-connect in options

Existing translations for EN / FR are up to date.
Existing translations for IT / CZ / DE are outdated, thank you in 
advance if anyone can help to update them and send me back.
Do not hesitate to create tickets for any problem on SF.

Good recordings.
Olivier Rouits.

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