[LAA] mcpdisp 0.0.5 released

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sun Oct 25 14:38:23 UTC 2015

The Mackie Control Display Emulator has a new release 0.0.5.

This adds the scribble display to control surfaces that use the Mackie 
Control Protocol but do not have their own display such as the BCF2000 and 

mcpdisp presents a jack midi port that will accept mackie control protocol 
display messages that would normally appear on the surface "scribble 
strip" and displays them on the screen. The strip LEDs and meters are 
displayed as well.

New things:

   * Fixed INSTALL file for no mcpdisp.sh.
   * Added Assign display.
   * Added timecode/beats display.
   * Added Strip meters.
   * Added command line parameters for help, version, master and time.
   * Made window title more descriptive.
   * jack client name shows mcpdisp-ext if no -m
   * Start work on global buttons.
   * Finished Transport LEDs and flip, assign and View LEDs.
   * Set MIDI in port to type Terminal/Physical.
   * Set Display in to accept whole display of text at a time.
   * Move midi parsing out of real time.
   * Only update time/beats when new time/beat data comes in.

Source is available from:

Home page:

Len Ovens

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