[LAA] Infamous Plugins 0.1 -- the Eye-Candy Release

Spencer Jackson ssjackson71 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 05:41:47 UTC 2015

After a nail-biting wait on the edge of your seats, the Eye-Candy Release
is upon us!

As promised, the donate/wait goal is now fulfilled and the GUIs for the
Infamous Plugins are all released. A lot has changed (even the install
process), so check them out. Find them at our new site:

As usual please report any bugs you find!

As a side note, the donate-wait thing worked pretty well for me, despite
resulting in a "deadlock". Since the project was done, and not enough
people were interested financially I was able to move on to working on
other projects for 11 months (osc2midi and rkr lv2 are the results). I may
or may not try it again, but really, if you have several projects that you
can rotate around, "just wait" isn't so bad. The whole goal is to bring
income to our much-needed developers, I realize that, but this does
generate a bit of buzz and a month of time was bought back, which was more
than I'd ever received before. Huge thanks to the donors!

And to all:
_Spencer (ssj71)
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