[LAA] jalv.select released V0.7

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Fri Apr 1 10:16:41 UTC 2016

jalv.select is a little (gtkmm2) GUI to select lv2 plugs from a list and 
run them with jalv.

- select jalv interpreter from combo box,
- select LV2 plugin from list,
- select preset to load from menu
- search plugins by regex or plugin class,
- reload lilv world to catch new installed plugins or presets,
- load plugin with selected preset.
- minimize app to systray (global Hotkey SHIFT+ESCAPE)
- wake up app from systray (global Hotkey SHIFT+ESCAPE)
  - left mouse click on systray to show or hide app
  - right mouse click to show quit menu item

- command-line start-up options:

   -s, --systray       start minimized in systray
   -H, --high=HIGH     start with given high in pixel

- runtime options

   echo 'quit' > /tmp/jalv.select.fifo$UID
   echo 'show' > /tmp/jalv.select.fifo$UID
   echo 'hide' > /tmp/jalv.select.fifo$UID
   echo 'systray action' > /tmp/jalv.select.fifo$UID

- keyboard shortcuts

   ALT+q or CTRL+q  ==   quit
   ALT+r or CTRL+r  ==   refresh plugin list
   ESCAPE           ==   deselect preset menu
   CTRL+w           ==   hide (minimize to systray icon)
   ENTER or SPACE   ==   select
   UP, DOWN         ==   select plugin in list
   PG_UP, PG_DOWN   ==   scroll plugin list

- lilv
- gtkmm-2.4
- Xlib

jalv.select is released into the public domain.

Thanks goes to Christopher Arndt for his continues feedback/suggestions.
So this release is about to archive a flawless desktop integration 
within *any* desktop manager and making jalv.select accessible by 
keyboard actions.

Check out Chris video here:

get the release tar ball here:

get the development source here:

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