[LAA] Zynaddsubfx 2.5.3 - the “Chiron” Release

Spencer Jackson ssjackson71 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 19:46:31 UTC 2016

Zynaddsubfx 2.5.3 - “Chiron” Released

I’d say it’s a good day for a new release, wouldn’t you? Zynaddsubfx has
reached version 2.5.3 including some exciting new changes for the
now-officially supported VST and LV2 plugin versions! In addition to the
usual bugfixes some rich new features have been added such as:

- Add LV2&VST support via DPF - zyn is now working as a native linux plugin
in most DAWs! Other platforms coming soon. I know I’m sure excited about

- Add autosave - Just in case of the rare crash, this can be a lifesaver

- Add realtime filter parameter updates - For smoother, wilder filter

- Add LFO random mode - adds sample and hold module integrated to the LFO,
great for classic bleep-blop computer sounds (and a hundred other things)

- Add more controls to DSSI plugin - For more knob turning sonic
automation-exploration in DSSI plugin hosts

- Add fixed frequency modulators - Easier FM operations

- Add more reset states to knobs/sliders - double click will put it back to
the default state, so you don’t need to be afraid of turning that knob, you
can always go back.

- Add PWM mod - Sweet sweeping from nasally to full bodied square waves

- Fix Microtonal UI - if you do microtonal music, this is a huge deal!

- Fix 'Add Bank' - easier organization for all your patches

- Fix sustain bugs in 2.5.x series - So you can keep your feet below your
keyboard to play more notes

- Fix mem pool exhaustion bug - a boon to stability

- Fix PADnote and Oscilgen copy/paste - for quicker sound design

- Fix Midi unlearn - If you want to map that knob to something else...

- Other miscellaneous bug fixes

- New Presets in the 'olivers-other' bank.

That should fix any case of the Mondays. And here’s the contribution score
card by number of commits since 2.5.2:

36 Christopher A. Oliver

29 Mark McCurry

28 Filipe Coelho

12 Olivier Jolly

 2 Jaromír Mikeš

 1 Johannes Lorenz

 1 Friedolino

 1 Alessio Treglia

Many thanks to them and all others who contributed by submitting feedback,
bug reports, troubleshooting, or even just making music. We’d love to see

Now go make some noise!

--Team Zyn.

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