[LAA] FSTHost 1.5.3

Pawel xj at wp.pl
Wed Jan 6 01:52:55 UTC 2016


Please find new release of FSTHost.

Changes since 1.5.4 contain:
- Remove zeroize option (-z) - we'll always zeroize buffers
- Control via TCP port ( e.g. via telnet )
- Save TCP port number in /tmp/fsthost directory
- Support for GTK2 or GTK3 or 0 for not GTK
- SIGUSR2 to open vst editor
- fsthost_ctrl - for remote control
- Multiplugin support
- Set port aliases as real plug "pin" names ( -A option )
- Remove tempo ( -t ) command line option.
- Remove BBT sync option ( -B ). Always use Jack BBT sync if available but leave old code as failback.
- Connect MIDI to physical ports as default. Use -j ! for no connect
- By default connect MIDI IN to all physical ports on each graph change
- Rename -p to -M but which opposite meaning
- Option -L display plugins only which the same arch like binnary. fsthost_list still display all plugins
- Add -v option for verbose log
- Add wine-staging support
- Compile embedded editor feature only on demand (EE=1)
- Each plugin processing can be separated from each other (-T mode)
- Allow using "-p -" as separator while parse command line options
- Bugfixes, syntax improvements etc.

Best Regards

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