[LAA] DFasma 1.4.4 - A tool to analyse and compare audio files in time and frequency

Gilles Degottex gilles.degottex at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 21:33:03 UTC 2016


I felt we lack a light, quick and efficient tool to compare waveforms.
DFasma is quite convenient for inspection of results of synthesis and
modification tasks on voice signals.



* Shows spectrogram, amplitude spectrum, phase spectrum and group delay.
* Can play a filtered sound given a selected frequency band.
* Rectification of the spectrogram tilt (cepstral lifting).
* Can create and edit fundamental frequency (F0) files (thanks to REAPER).
* Can create and edit segmentation files.
* Can load about 25 different audio formats (thanks to libsndfile).
* Everything runs under Linux, Mac OSX  and Windows.

Have fun ! And any type of feedback is welcomed of course.

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