[LAA] compose is out

Cedric Roux sed at free.fr
Mon Mar 28 18:17:18 UTC 2016

Hi everyone!

just a short mail to tell you about my little program
to study tonal music: compose.

There is an X11 user interface and it's mostly

There is alsa midi output.

It's very small and very basic.

The documentation is, ahem, well, the main thing you
need to know is that there are two main edition modes
and you switch between them with the escape key. For
the rest, go read the source! (what? Sed it's 2016!!
be serious man!!) (yeah yeah, but you know, LAZINESS!)
(I will write some documentation at some point, I just
feel very very lazy these days, I mean weeks, well okay

That thing is functional for me, probably not for anyone
else but I feel like I want to announce about it. You
know, the "spirit", freedom, and so on. To hell with
"professional" software! Let's take back the control
of our computers and write basic software that just
work(tm) and are SMALL and ELEGANT, for hell's sake!
And for whatever reason I am not satisfied at all
with all this "notation editor" business or whatever
it's called. Not. At. All.

Anyway, it's at http://sed.free.fr/compose
It will never be finished, for are there software
out there that are finished? Let's also get rid of
that release thing, this is totally meaningless.
Let's go raw!

Happy classic music everyone!

Time for my pills.

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