[LAA] Zynaddsubfx 3.0.1 - The “3.3 Degrees from the Pole” Release

Spencer Jackson ssjackson71 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 00:21:29 UTC 2016

Zynaddsubfx 3.0.1 - The “3.3 Degrees from the Pole” Release

After our major milestone 3.0.0 release we got some very helpful feedback
on several bugs that were preventing some users from being able to try the
new version. This release resolves those for better results on all
platforms. Some highlights from the changelog include:

Highlighted Fixes:

     - Fixes blank screen when launching 3.0.0 UI

     - Fixes crash on startup for those with opengl versions between 2.1
and 3.1

    - Fixes problems with UI disconnections in plugin mode

    - Add resizing to LV2 Plugin Version

    - Fixes problems receiving MIDI events over ALSA

    - Fixes crash when editing instrument descriptions

    - Fixes crash when visualizing single poles

And here’s the contribution score card by number of commits since 3.0.0:

    12 fundamental

     5 Olivier Humbert

     2 Johannes Lorenzgit

     1 falkTX

Big thanks to them and we hope to see more feedback from all! Note that any
who already purchased the Zyn-Fusion UI will be able to download this
updated version for free from Gumroad.

Now go make some noise!

--Team Zyn.

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