[LAA] DrumGizmo v0.9.11 released

Bent Bisballe Nyeng deva at aasimon.org
Sat Oct 29 19:36:06 UTC 2016

DrumGizmo version 0.9.11 now available!

Get it at http://www.drumgizmo.org/

DrumGizmo is an open source, multichannel, multilayered, cross-platform 
drum plugin and stand-alone application. It enables you to compose drums 
in midi and mix them with a multichannel approach. It is comparable to 
that of mixing a real drumkit that has been recorded with a multimic setup.

This is mostly a bugfix release, but also introduces the use of the 
Ardour inline feature in the LV2 version of the plugin. Go load it up, 
you'll see a loading bar in the mixer panel.

A unicode bug has been fixed and we also fixed a problem that occurred 
when using more than one instance of DG in your DAW. Plus a tonne of 
other stuff. Check the roadmap for the full details.

Important note to package maintainers:
We now copy vst source files into the build tree while building the vst 
plugin. This mean that should you wish to make a tar-ball available with 
the build directory after the build has finished this must either be 
stripped of said files or not be made public.

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