[LAA] rkr-lv2 beta 2

Spencer Jackson ssjackson71 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 05:54:45 UTC 2017

Without much pomp and circumstance, I'd like to notify you of the immediate
availability of rkr-lv2 beta 2.

Requested in behalf of packagers everywhere, this is just to officially
release the many bugfixes that have been applied and contributed since beta
1. Unfortunately there is probably as many (or more) still lurking so this
is still very much beta software. No progress in the midi front, though
this does add the noise gate plugin (which was contributed). Many thanks to
all who contributed bug reports, code, or even just appreciation.

Unfortunately this project has a lot of competition for my time and
attention and so it has not progressed as much as I wish it had (none of my
projects have been getting much). It was decided that since no new
maintainer of standalone rakarrack has stepped up, some major refactoring
is in order and eventually a rkrv2 will be created which will offer the
same effects but with some API breaking streamlining in the codebase. It
will likely be some time before I embark on that endeavor. I expect rkr-lv2
in its current API preserved form will still exist, but it may always be a
buggy quirky collection. Collaborators/Contributors/Take over the project
people welcome.



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