[LAA] qjackrcd 1.2.2 on GITHUB

Olivier ROUITS olivier.rouits at free.fr
Sun Dec 31 02:44:20 UTC 2017


QJackRcd is a simple stereo recorder for Jack with few features as 
silence processing for automatic pause, file splitting, background file 
post-processing and more.

*# QJackRcd source repository is now hosted by GITHUB*
former SF repository is no more updated.
new web site: https://orouits.github.io/qjackrcd/
new repository: https://github.com/orouits/qjackrcd

*# 1.2.2 release*
release notes here: https://github.com/orouits/qjackrcd/releases/tag/v1.2.2
source archive here: 

The major evolution in 1.2 is a CLI mode for scripts (record automation) 
with many options and a man page.

Happy new year 2018 !



**SNAPSHOT (testing)**

**1.2.2 (stable)**
- FIX: initital window size too short #6
- new recorded time indicators #1

**1.2.1 (stable)**
- no new software modification, transfer to GITHUB with documentation 
and project adaptation.

**1.2.0 (stable)**
- FIX: conflicts between jack transport and record at launch feature in 
some cases.
- FIX: internal recording buffer size not adjusted (too long).
- Add recorded size indicators in status bar
- Add command line parser with all options
- Add a console mode only (no GUI) for automation purpose
- Add a man page with all options described.

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