[LAA] Announcement and Invitation: Sonoj Convention (November the 4th and 5th 2017 in Cologne, Germany)

Sonoj Convention info at sonoj.org
Tue Feb 28 22:04:00 UTC 2017

Dear Reader,

Music and technology come together on November the 4th and 5th 2017 in
Cologne, Germany. See, hear and learn how music gets created using free
and open source software and hardware. Meet new people and their exiting
creative techniques; and show your own, if you want! The only
requirement for participation is an interest to make and create music.
You do not have to be an expert of any kind to enjoy the event.

The theme of the convention is making music with free and open source
software and hardware. That includes a single program up to a whole
operating system. No matter the technology, the music is at the centre
of it. Every talk, demonstration or workshop will be focused on music.
This also includes a top-down approach e.g. we advise our speakers to
start with a piece of music and refer everything after that to it.

You are invited to apply to present anything that matches the theme of
Sonoj Convention. To apply please fill out the form on the website or
write an e-mail to info at sonoj.org <mailto:info at sonoj.org>. We only
require a preliminary text that broadly outlines your idea. Mention at
least how much time it will take and the format of your idea (e.g.
demonstration of your own music and workflow, tutorial with
audience-participation etc.). We will get in touch with you shortly
after your submission.

For more information see http://www.sonoj.org


Nils Hilbricht for the organization team

Sonoj Convention
November the 4th and 5th 2017
Venue: Heliosstrasse 6a 50825 Cologne, Germany

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