[LAA] Zynaddsubfx 3.0.2 - The “Liquefaction” Release

Spencer Jackson ssjackson71 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 22:47:56 UTC 2017

Zynaddsubfx 3.0.2 - The “Liquefaction” Release

As we saw the needs of users and switched priorities accordingly we have
been working on some big new features and are excited to announce a new
release. Perhaps eclipsing all other features in this release,
“Liquefaction” adds a new Macro learning and automation feature. This
feature is just in its infancy but already allows the sound designer to
select one or more parameters and map them to macro slots which can then be
bound to midi controls for live tweaking with your controller, or exposed
to a plugin host for automation in your DAW. With this powerful new system
you can create arbitrary mappings of up to 4 parameters to a single knob.
We hope you find this feature useful and exciting as it develops further.
You can look through our current documentation on the feature at:


Note that users of the “legacy” UI will not be able to access this feature
fully, but midi learn should operate still as expected. Scala file loading
for microtonal users is another highly-requested feature landing in 3.0.2.

The highlights of added features and bugfixes include :


   Upgrade MIDI learn system to include host automations and macro learned

   Upgrade analog filter parameters to floating point resolution - ready
   for some crazy automation


   Add many optimizations improving general performance

   Fix microtonal .kbm/.scl file loading - for when 12 pitches just aren’t

   Re-enable Auto-save

   Restructure layout code to improve performance when changing views

   Remove dependency on GLPK/glpsol

   Add runtime update for ADsynth modulator volume/frequency

   Add drag operation for multiple harmonic manipuation

   Add sidebar kit toggle via middle-mouse


   Add default values to OSC metadata

   Fix exit when closing zyn-fusion subprocess

   Fix crash with large number of pad synth samples

   Silence 0 volume effects

   Silence 0 volume add synth voices

   Fix memory leak on closing GUI (windows only)


   Rewrite file selector to fix various bugs

   Fix window closing bug in standalone

   Fix crash on File->quit when in plugin mode

   Changes bank search sorting to use path+file (was just file based sort)

   Adds cursor indicator to various text fields

   Fix octave knob in footer

   Add configurable frames-per-second environmental variables for low end
   systems https://github.com/zynaddsubfx/zyn-fusion-issues/issues/85

   Fix minor bugs

And here’s the contribution score card by number of commits since 3.0.1:

    41 fundamental

    12 Johannes Lorenz

     3 Olivier Humbert

     2 ssj71

     2 falkTX

     1 Ihor Khomyn

     1 Daniel Sheeler

We hope you all enjoy this new release and make some cool new sounds while
playing with the macro feature. Remember that any who already purchased the
Zyn-Fusion UI will be able to download this updated version for free from
Gumroad. In the progression toward making the UI fully free-licensed the
source code is now available to Gumroad subscribers. The license is
restrictive at this time but will soon be relicensed and made free (as in

Now go make some noise!

--Team Zyn.

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